SteerSmarts YETI XD Wrangler JL/JT 1½-ton Tie Rod (2018+)
SteerSmarts YETI XD Wrangler JL/JT 1½-ton Tie Rod (2018+)
SteerSmarts YETI XD Wrangler JL/JT 1½-ton Tie Rod (2018+)
Steer Smarts

YETI XD Wrangler JL/JT 1½-ton Tie Rod (2018+)


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STEER SMARTS is proud to present their most EXTREME steering linkage “The YETI XD Series” linkage for your Jeep JL Wrangler. They have applied their 85 years of steering “lessons learned” to develop the strongest most durable linkage ever built for the Wrangler. The YETI XD Tie Rod is a direct bolt-on for any Jeep JL Wrangler. The YETI XD Installs just minutes and there is no need to modify or alter Jeep.


 Easy bolt-on installation.
 Engineered for proper clearance to other chassis components to eliminate interferences.
 Made in the USA

 30mm 1 1/2 Ton ball joints designed specifically for the JL.
 Cold headed medium carbon alloy steel ball studs provide incredible impact toughness for extreme duty usage.
 Induction heat treated ball studs provide ultimate fatigue strength and superior off-road durability.
 Steel on steel bearings provide exceptional ball joint wear resistance and robustness.
 High quality seals ensure long ball joint life. Our superior seals have been rigorously tested to minimize leakage between grease service intervals which greatly improves our ball joint reliability over our competition.
 Fully greaseable.

 Powder coat over E-coat for a long lasting appearance under harsh conditions.
 External threads are e-coated for durability and long term serviceability.
 Forged from medium carbon high harden-ability steel and heat treated for greater buckling, impact, and fatigue strength.
 Forged from medium carbon high hardenability steel and heat treated for even greater buckling, impact, and fatigue strength.
 Large 1 ¼ inch rolled threads at tie rod adjuster and draglink ends provide significantly increased strength over the original equipment threads.
 Unique “Reverse Pin” technology prevents our linkage from flopping or rocking.
• This technology is built into the socket unlike the weak external supports on some competitor linkages.

 Tie Rod adjuster is manufactured from large diameter ¼ inch thick wall high strength 4130 Chromoly steel tubing for maximum buckling strength.
 Adjuster clamps assure proper clamp force using conventional tools without the possible risk of loosening like large jam nuts.
 Designed with right-hand and left-hand threads for quick and easy adjustment once installed on the vehicle.
 Internal threads and tube are also e-coated for long term serviceability.

* Tie Rod fits all left-hand drive JL Wrangler models 2018+ including Rubicon and requires a 1 5/8" diameter damper bracket that is not included. Check out the YETI XD Damper Bracket.

INSTALL TIME: 1 hour (approximately)
SKILL LEVEL: Moderate Mechanical Skill Required 
TOOLS REQUIRED: Basic hand tools, torque wrench

Standard: 78076001
Rubicon: 78088001

NOTE: A minimum of 17”wheels is recommended.